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Monday’s Meditation

The Buddhist Metta Prayer or Prayer for Loving Kindness is a great tool for setting your head on straight for the week.  In every work or volunteer situation we are in service.  In our homes with our families or even our pets, we are in service.  All we do to help one another, to lift each other’s spirits, is in service to the hearts of all people and hence is in service to the heart of the planet.

The first step of practicing compassion or loving kindness is to practice  compassion toward ourselves.

By sending compassion and loving kindness outward toward all beings we include ourselves and can in turn receive the benefits. First you, then me.

Try this prayer on if you like:

May all beings, all breathing things, all creatures, all humans, all noble ones, all worldlings, all devas,  all those in the four woeful planes

Be free from enmity and dangers, 

Be free from mental suffering,

Be free from physical suffering,

As far as the highest plane of existence to as far down as the lowest plane in the entire universe.

May they take care of themsleves happily.

May whatever they have gained not be lost.”

~paraphrased from

Meditation for slowing down during hurried days:

DSCN2272Meditation for slowing down during hurried days:


Set a meditation timer so that you can luxuriate in this meditation without checking the clock for the end time.  I use iQi for all of my classes. )

Sit quietly with legs relaxed and back comfortable or supported.

Watch the movement of breath in and out of your nose.

Consciously relax your face, jaw, shoulders, arms, hands, belly, low back, hips, legs and feet.

Feel the cool touch of air on each in breath and the warmth of each out breath.

Notice how  your heart rate slows to a quiet resting rhythm and allow space to move in between each thought.

Expand that space as far as possible and if thoughts intrude or speed up, simply bringing your awareness back to the breath.

At the sound of the bell or chime slowly move and stretch the body.  Maintain your meditative state of mind as you come back into activity.

Prayer to finish:

“I am grateful for this time of stillness.  I ask you to expand the sense of peace I have created within my own heart and mind and body and share it with all in my community who are in the greatest need of peace.”